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May 2001


1 CHCWP and Conservation Force Alliance
2 Primary School Trip to Tarangire National Park
3 Art Auction

Anti-poaching News

The anti-poaching work has been hard over the last few months due to the rain and mud. In March 25 people were arrested for various offenses including illegal fishing, timber production and poaching.

In April we pulled out all the teams except for the Maswa/Makao gate and camp staff. This time was used to fix the vehicles, for general rest and for the wedding of John Ngalasoni.

In Niensi, Mamuya managed to get people to voluntarily surrender 14 muzzleloaders. This shows that people are changing their ways and becoming protectionists rather than poachers.

In spite of this, however, on his return to Lake Sagara in Niensi, they arrested two poachers with a .458 rifle and the trunk, tail and meat of an elephant. The poachers came from Usinge village, outside of the project, and sold the ivory within the village. The poachers have been prosecuted in Tabora. We would like to thank Mr Nkusa, the Zonal Anti-poaching Commander in Tabora for assisting us with an extra Game Scout on our patrols. The support that we are receiving from the Government is very much appreciated.

Many of the communities have specified an interest in carrying out their own anti-poaching patrols. The Community Based Conservation Training Institute in Songea runs special courses for Village Game Scouts at a cost of $350 for six weeks. We hope to work further on this idea.

Fred Mannix has given us funds to renovate the Police holding cells in Mwanhuzi, Meatu. We would like to thank him on their behalf.

Community News

We hope to spend a lot more time in the communities this year helping them to plan for the conservation of their wildlife.

As you are aware the areas with in which we work are areas in which both people and wildlife exist. For the communities to continue to benefit from the wildlife and environment it is essential that they start to put into effect their own village bylaws with regard to these resources eg. to set aside areas of village controlled land for wildlife only. The Tanzanian Government is pushing their villages to start these processes, and we are confident that they will benefit the areas. We hope that the communities will use some of the funds they receive from the wildlife to secure their future.

Many projects are still ongoing and in July we will start to help purchase materials and supervise in the communities near Rungwa, Niensi and Mlele.

Mbaash village in the Burko area, after holding their funds for many years, have requested that they build a primary school. The area is very dry and the District Council has finally promised them a water pipeline. At present school children walk two hours to school and the same back. We would like to help them build a school that fits into its surroundings and one that is an attribute to the environment. Careful planning and thought is needed for development in such a fragile place.


We are delighted that CHCWP has formed a new alliance with Conservation Force, an American conservation organization. All donations will now be channeled through them. We would like to thank Conservation Force Chairman, Mr. John Jackson, and to welcome him to his appointment as a Trustee of CHCWP.

Art Auction

CHCWP will be holding an Art Auction to raise funds, at the Museum of Natural History's Ackley Hall, New York. The date has been set for the 28th February 2002. Put it in your diary!

We are very grateful to Mr. Joseph Cullman 3rd for his commitment and generosity in sponsoring this forthcoming event. We already have some of Africa's finest wildlife artists lined up for the Art Auction including:

Denis Mathews, Terry Mathews, Vic Ghurs, Lindsay Scott, Patrick Mavros, Larry Norton, Janet Heaton, T.D. Kelsey, Kobus Moller, Edward Aldrich, Peter Gray, Karen Laurence, Tim Scott-Boulton, Mike Ghaui.

We are still awaiting confirmation from a dozen other prominent artists. It promises to be a unique gathering of wildlife art enthusiasts. We are delighted at the support we continue to receive from our donor artists - a big thank you, to you all.

Leopard Survey

This year the project will be involved in a Leopard survey to correctly establish quota off takes for recommendation to CITES. This will be the first time such a survey has been carried out in safari areas outside of National Parks and is important for the sustainable use of this animal. Mr. Arturo Caso, who has extensive experience with Mexico's jaguar, will be carrying out the survey in conjunction with Tanzania's Wildlife Department, and Dr. Ian Games, a Zimbabwe wildlife biologist. Thanks to all the donors who have made this possible.

Mobile Medical Unit for endulen Hospital

Thanks to Fred Mannix for his generous donation of a Toyota Land Cruiser fitted out for work as a mobile medical unit. The vehicle will be donated to Endulen Hospital, situated in Ngorongoro, above Maswa-Makao. It will serve the communities of Makao, Iramba Ndogo, Mwangudo and Sungu as well as many others in the area. We have used the facilities of Endulen Hospital for many years and feel that they put the unit to good use, and help people in these remote areas.

Primary School Trip to Tarangire

On the 24th of May, we hired the African Wildlife Foundation Bus and took 24 primary school students from Arkaria Village to Tarangire National Park for the day. For many it was the first time to travel in a vehicle, let alone to visit a National Park or to see wildlife close at hand.

We were given a guide by the Tanzanian National Parks, who talked to the students and answered all the questions they had. The excitement was incredible from teachers and pupils alike. They sang for three solid hours on the journey there and back. It was a great opportunity to discuss wildlife issues with the children and to show them the benefits of protected areas. Seeing how successful it was, we hope other villages in the Burko area will follow suit and use some of their village benefit funds to finance similar expeditions.

Project Evaluation.

This project has now been up and running for over ten years and we thought that it was about time we had an evaluation carried out. This will give us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and to move forward with new ideas, direction and with the experience that we have gained.

We have hired an independent consultant, Dr. John Clarke, from UK to carry out the evaluation. He is a former Director of National Parks in Zambia and has since carried out evaluations on similar projects such as CAMPFIRE and ADMADE, as well as many others. Dr. Clarke will be visiting the project for three weeks in June and we hope to have the results by the end of July.

We would once again like to thank all our recent donors, and especially Mr Fred Mannix, Mr. Herbert Allen, Mr. Woody Johnson, Dr. Frank Petito and Mr Chris Hill. We extend a warm welcome to Mr. John Jackson as a Trustee of the project.

Thank you.


Chairman: Joseph F Cullman 3rd.
Vice Chairman: Robin Hurt.
2nd Vice Chairman: Terry Matthews.
3rd Vice Chairman: Kay Delaney-Bring.
Honorary Director: Mr. Charles Mdoe, Department of Wildlife
Trustees: Adam Hill, Robert Wood Johnson IV, Hargy E. Kimei, Costa Mlay, John Jackson III
Project Director: Sally Capper
Field Officers: John Ngalasoni, Elly Mamuya, and John Magembe


If you would like to support this project, all contributions can be sent to:
Conservation Force,
One Lakeway Centre, 3900 N. Causeway Blvd, Suite 1045,
Metairie, LA 70002-1746, USA

501 ( c ) 3 tax exemption ID no. is 72-11364493
Hibernia National Bank, 3050 Severn Avenue, Metairie, LA 70002, USA
ID No: 065000-090; Acct. Name: Conservation Force/Cullman-Hurt Project; Acct No: 8006397434

CHCWP, P.O. Box 8325, Arusha, Tanzania, Email: enquiries@cullmanandhurt.org

Introduction Strategic Aims Village Benefits Anti-Poaching Support and Donations
Video Education, Village Projects and Data Collection Newsletters Contact Details

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