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February 2002

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Art Auction
Fourth Anti-poaching team planned
Leopard Project
Wish List
Endulen Mobile Medical Unit

Art Auction

The fundraising art auction planned for February 28th has been postponed, as it was felt that after the tragedy of September 11th, it would be inappropriate. We hope to reschedule the event for October or November this year.
We will keep you posted.

Fourth Anti-poaching team planned

Robin Hurt had kindly donated a Toyota Landcruiser to CHCWP.
Using this vehicle we hope to start up a fourth anti-poaching team. This will mean that we can have one team stationed in Rungwa and one in Mlele, which will be ideal.
The plan, however depends on us raising enough funds to cover the team.

Leopard Project

Arturo Caso, having returned to Mexico has been working on writing up the results of his research in Rungwa.
The trapping technique was extremely successful with 10 leopards trapped in the 13 traps set and no other animals. Sedation was smooth and no problems were encountered.
Each GPS collar recorded more than 400 locations per animal which is very high even though they were only on for a short period of time.
Although his report is not yet completed he has established mean areas for females as 2,506 ha, and for males as 13,637 ha.
We look forward to the completed paper.


A big thank you for our most recent donations from ........
George Harms , Fredrick Calder ,
Joe Cullman and, Herbert Allen III

Wish List

Please if anyone can help with any of the following items for antipoaching, we need them.

• Binoculars, old or new
• Handheld VHF radios
• Portable tents for walking patrols, khaki
• Rucsacs, khaki
• Khaki waterproofs
• Torches

Endulen Mobile Medical Unit

We had another ceremony for the handing over of the Toyota Land Cruiser at Endulen Hospital. The vehicle was blessed by the priest and sung to by the masaai choir.
Finally after so much adoration and praise the unit has been put to work. The weather has not been helpful, with the rains making tracks to way out communities almost impassable. The HF radio has already proved invaluable, calling up for assistance on more than one occassion. We hope to see it as a regular visitor to the Makao area.


Through the 20% Community Fee in 2001, we raised a total of $63,423.

Most of the communities are continuing with their village projects, whilst others have finished and are awaiting June when the funds are distributed for the new projects.

Patrick Taylor kindly donated funds to build a teachers’ house for Arkaria school, last year. It has now been finished and painted and the teachers are in!


Chairman: Joseph F Cullman 3rd.
Vice Chairman: Robin Hurt.
2nd Vice Chairman: Terry Matthews.
3rd Vice Chairman: Kay Delaney-Bring.
Honorary Director: Mr. Charles Mdoe, Department of Wildlife
Trustees: Adam Hill, Robert Wood Johnson IV, Hargy E. Kimei, Costa Mlay, John Jackson III
Project Director: Sally Capper
Field Officers: John Ngalasoni, Elly Mamuya, and John Magembe


If you would like to support this project, all contributions can be sent to:
Conservation Force,
One Lakeway Centre, 3900 N. Causeway Blvd, Suite 1045,
Metairie, LA 70002-1746, USA

501 ( c ) 3 tax exemption ID no. is 72-11364493
Hibernia National Bank, 3050 Severn Avenue, Metairie, LA 70002, USA
ID No: 065000-090; Acct. Name: Conservation Force/Cullman-Hurt Project; Acct No: 8006397434

CHCWP, P.O. Box 8325, Arusha, Tanzania, Email: enquiries@cullmanandhurt.org

Introduction Strategic Aims Village Benefits Anti-Poaching Support and Donations
Video Education, Village Projects and Data Collection Newsletters Contact Details

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