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February 2001


1 Elephant Poaching

2 Wildlife videos and trips for Primary Schools

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Anti-poaching News

Due to the excessive rain around December and vehicle problems, the two southern anti-poaching teams had to be called back in to Arusha. All teams had a break over the christmas period. Ngalsoni and Mamuya headed out to Mlele and Niensi, respectively, at the beginning of January.

In this last month, alone, there have been two incidents of elephant poaching.

John Ngalasoni found eight tusks hidden in a truck load of timber, on his way to Mpanda town with some other poachers. It turned out that the people responsible where Hutu's from the refugee camps nearby. All were handed over to the Tanzanian authoriites.

In Burko, John Magembe and his team were requested to assist the Arusha Anti-poaching unit, who had no available game scouts, at the time. The District Game Officer had been given a tip off that people were going into the Monduli Forest Reserve to poach an elephant. They set up road block for two consecutive nights and patrolled the forest. News soon reached them that an elephant had been killed, which was then found with the ivory intact. The tusks were taken back to Arusha. The poachers have not yet been arrested.

In Niensi, things have been wet right through January, making it difficult for Mamuya to move around. Robin Hurt safaris have allowed us to use their boat., so patrols are being carried out on the waterways and by foot. There are still many refugees coming into this area and taking timber and fishing illegally.

Community News

The community Fees collected from Robin Hurt Safaris (Tz) Ltd for their 2000 season has amounted to just over $63,000.

This will be divided among the communties that play an active part in the project and will be distributed as materials for their various projects, once they have been decided, later this year.

Both the communites in the Maswa/Makao and Burko areas are on a big tree planting drive. With the rain still falling, it is suddenly possible, for many of these areas to consider planting as a reality. Holes are dug and filled with manure and surrounded by a cage of brush for protection. Trees are preferably indigenous species, but often fruit producers, or quite simply one that is not classed as food by wild animals and goats.


We showed Arkaria Primary School their first ever video, a wildlife film by Alan Root, translated into Kiswahili. It was a hit! The children loved it and many had never even seen the animals that were shown, even though they are only forty five minutes away from Tarangire National Park.

Due to the success of the video and the enthusiasm of the children, we have decided to book the African Wildlife Foundation vehicle to take twenty students from the same school to Tarangire on a day trip to see their wildlife.

Data Collection

We have now managed to get past anti-poaching data into manageable form in the computer and have been approached by other conservation organisations to join forces and collect data on poaching in Tanzania.

The Field Officers are continuing to collect GPS readings for all poaching activities as well as any leopard or lion sightings. We hope to assist the Tanzanian Government in a study on leopards, if the project goes ahead.

Thank you to:

As always we would like to thank all who have given CHCWP assistance and support and made it possible to keep working in the field. In particular thanks to Mr. Joseph Cullman and Mr Warrington Gillett, for continually keeping the project going, Mr. Chris Hill for his recent donation, and to Mr. Fred Mannix for his new ideas and the backing behind them.

The Cullman and Hurt Community Wildlife Project
P.O. Box 8325,

Phone: (255) 57 2505024/25
Mobile: (255) 741 653056
Email: enquiries@cullmanandhurt.org


Chairman: Joseph F Cullman 3rd. Vice Chairman: Robin Hurt.
2nd Vice Chairman: Terry Matthews.
3rd Vice Chairman: Kay Delaney-Bring.
Honorary Director: Mr Charles Mdoe, Department of Wildlife
Trustees: Adam Hill, Robert wood Johnson IV, Hargy E. Kimei, Costa Mlay
ProjectDirector:: Sally Capper
Field Officer, Rungwa/Mlele John Ngalasoni
Driver, Rungwa/Mlele Shabani
Field Officer, Niensi Elly Mamuya
Driver, Niensi Dickson Misonge
Field Officer, Makao/Burko John Magembe
Driver, Makao/Burko John Peter
Camp Manager, Makao Shija

With thanks to all community anti-poaching teams for all their hard work and efforts in the field.


If you would like to support this project, all contributions can be sent to:

Mr. Joseph Cullman 3rd
Cullman and Hurt Community Wildlife Project
100 Park Avenue
New York NY 10017,
Phone: (917) 663 3500
Fax: (917) 663 5566

Introduction Strategic Aims Village Benefits Anti-Poaching Support and Donations
Video Education, Village Projects and Data Collection Newsletters Contact Details

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